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Benefits Realisation Management




    Visualize Benefits & How to Best Deliver
  • Be clear on the outcomes you need and how to achieve them.
  • Create benefits maps and plans to see what will make the biggest difference to your success.
  • Identify gaps in existing plans to deliver the benefits. Helps to reduce change risk and can bring massive financial savings.
  • Switch between views of parts of the map to offer personalized insights for people. A snap-shot of what they need to know.
  • Share maps and views with colleagues for comment.
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scenario-ic_audio_console Scenarios

    Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Scenarios is the engine room Module, calculating the potential impact of different choices in seconds.
  • Gain insights not previously practically possible.
  • Get a single value score for each scenario so they can be easily compared.
  • Run calculations to see reports and analysis to answer the most important questions.
  • Use a ‘Mixer Desk’ to immediately adjust forecasts based on different confidence levels.
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track-ic_stats_area_chart Tracking

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    Monitor Benefit Delivery
  • Easily capture the actual changes in benefits being delivered.
  • Instantly view changes to levels of benefit and variances from forecasts. Allowing intervention before value is affected.
  • See the color-coded status of each measure, groups of measures and scorecards.
  • View automatically produced ratios to quickly see progress against plans.
  • Tune forecasts, and re-forecast, as you sense, learn and respond in delivery.
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create-ic_objects Profiles

    Capture & Agree Meanings
  • Profiles support the capture, agreement, management and sharing of the information needed for benefit realization.
  • This information evolves with you through every step of the change.
  • Profile forms allow the capture of all important data. Design your own layout with customizable formatting to fit your needs.
  • Have greater visibility and understanding of what must be achieved and how.
  • Profiles provide an essential foundation of information and knowledge for a team and stakeholders. Give people access to just what they need.
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scenario-ic_audio_console Reporting

    Manage Benefits Delivered
  • Access a rich picture of performance and new insights to share. Know what you never knew before.
  • Instantly create status data, scorecards and metrics to provide early warning of emerging issues with benefit delivery and evidence of success.
  • Give people whatever they need to be more effective.
  • Set alerts for when things go off track and improve your forecasts and assurance over time.
  • Compare and understand Measures as priorities shift, so to keep focused on the most important things.
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Business case manager Business Case Manager

    Manage Business Cases
  • Have oversight of all cases.
  • Use different business case formats and categories to match your needs. Improve the standard and consistency of information for better decisions.
  • Capture and share information throughout each cases journey.
  • Track and manage progress and analyze the benefits across your portfolio. Respond quickly to issues by seeing trends and variances early.
  • Case approvals are more streamlined with groups or boards able to access live data.
  • Improve understanding and support of each Business Case’s value and requirements.
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