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create-ic_objects Create Module


  • Create module allows you to be clear on the outcomes you need and how to achieve them. Create Benefits maps and plans that allow you to see what will make the highest contribution of value to your outcomes.
  • Start forecasting quickly, fast forward to add information into your model. Quick views provide insight into the best and worst benefit outcomes and which initiatives contributes most to your target. Visually demonstrate a summary of the benefits.
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scenario-ic_audio_console Scenario Module


  • Scenario module is the engine room making calculations on your options in seconds where in the past it took weeks or even months.
  • Start comparing and identify the financial impact of potential decisions. Run the calculation engine and get the information you need as an automatic report. Use the mixer desk to immediately compare potential decisions with confidence and see how each scenario scores in terms of financial impact and strategic importance.
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track-ic_stats_area_chart Track Module


  • Track module delivers the instant view on the actual Benefit delivery and any variance from the expected targets. This oversight of the data and the ability to drill into it to see the details you need allows you to intervene before non-delivery of value becomes an issue.
  • Track the benefits in relation to the plan and watch progress as the cost / benefit becomes apparent. Support each person owning their own part of the plan and see the risk position versus performance.
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Wovex Business Case Manager


  • Wovex Business Case Manager gives you oversight of all cases and the ability to categorise your Cases to meet your needs. You will Improve the quality of your Cases over time and help decisions-makers to make better decisions.
  • You can capture and share information throughout the journey of each Case. Track and manage progress and analyse the Benefits across your portfolio. Responding quickly to issues by seeing trends and variances early-on.
  • Case approvals become more streamlined and decision groups can gain control through accurate live data on Cases as they progress.
  • Provide tailored case reviews for anyone and improve buy-in and understanding of the fundamental requirements and benefits of each Case

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WOVEX continues to invest in the long term with even more predictive outcomes, advanced tracking and reporting coming soon. We continue to add value to a great set of solutions. WOVEX has your business planning and outcomes covered.

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