Business Case Manager Feature Comparison


Compare the features of different editions of Business Case Manager

Capture & Manage Business Case information all in one place.





Edit & Update Existing Cases

Capture Minutes of Decision Meetings

Capture Caveats

Track the Progress of Each Business Case

Create Different Types of Business Cases

Create New Business Cases Based on Previous

Change a Business Case from One Type to Another

Change and Manage Versions

Retain Previous Business Cases Versions/Types

Link Business Cases Together (Parent/Child)

Add Links Between Related Business Cases 

See Linked Business Cases & Collective Funding Levels

Different Funding Categories

Decision Groups e.g. Boards/Panels/Commitees etc.

Capture Feedback From Groups & Individuals

Tailorable Business Case Forms 

Changable Fields and Names

See History of Changes

Add Comments to Any Field

Link to External Documents

Tailorable Pick Lists & Categories

Set-up Fields Used for Search & Export Search Results

Link Maps to Business Cases

Link Profiles to Business Cases

Data Resides in Your Region

See Business Cases that Need to Reapply for Funding

Identify Business Cases with Caveats


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Mapping: Show the expected benefits & how to achieve. Personalized views for powerful conversations.
Profiling: Extra clarity on information & Ownership. Customize for your important data.
Scenarios: Calculate what contributes most to objectives. Compare different plans for benefits and bring to life for decision-makers.
Tracking: Capture in real-time benefits realized. Maintain & manage the forecasts in delivery.
Reporting: Understand impact & statuses. Identify where to focus to increase success.