Wovex Academy

Take steps to become
a Benefits Realisation Management star

The Academy is the Wovex learning hub. A place for the knowledge you need to achieve success in investment and change.
The academy has a range of material including free courses and paid certifications. These provide hands-on learning of Wovex Modules.

Benefits Thinking

Develop the mindset that underpins Wovex tools. An E-learning course of one hour with text, video, quiz and a survey.

Benefits Beginners

To get you started with the Wovex Modules. This E-learning course includes text, video and video and several practice simulations to try.

Wovex Certification Courses: a progressive series of courses for Wovex users at various skill levels with end of course assessment.


A starter course, to gain knowledge and practical experience of the fundamental features of Wovex Modules.


This E-learning includes text, video and hands-on exercises


A set of hour-long mini-courses. They increase your flexibility to use the features of the Wovex Modules in different situations. Covering: Projects and programs; Business Case development and management; Bids and Proposals or Procurement.


These E-learning courses provide structured self-study with text, video and hand-on exercises to develop confidence in implementing skills and creating outcomes.

Expert and Master

Two blended learning courses for the Wovex Modules. Each course includes a mix of one-hour live webinars interspersed with self-study and virtual live exercises in small groups guided by a subject matter expert. These are delivered over a four week period.


Expert level: Learn to implement the advanced features of Wovex Modules in the most complex of situations.
Master level: Attain the highest level of ability and professional recognition. For learners with 4+ years of experience of using Wovex Modules.


Offered on-demand by a partner or user as either company specific or open enrollment programs. A learning path customized specifically to learner requirements.


A set of courses starting with online self-study of the Wovex Modules, followed by two days of face-to-face events. The events are inter-woven with online-live assessment exercises with subject matter experts. A final exam completes the Elite level certification.

All prices are provided on request.

The future is clear…


WOVEX continues to invest in the long term with even more predictive outcomes, advanced tracking and reporting coming soon. We continue to add value to a great set of solutions. WOVEX has your business planning and outcomes covered.

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